You love Arnie? No problemo. Stick around as we rate our favourite Schwarzenegger films to form his very own Arnold ladder tall enough to get to the chopper. It’s showtime!

In the news: Russian Guardians, Visionaries, Mel Gibson’s Hacksaw Ridge, Lost in Space, John Wick Chapter 2, Brian Cranston, Josh Weadon’s Save The Day, Passengers trailer, and a Mad Max prequel.

Welcome to episode 17 of The Movie Ladder. Join the bearded idiots as we review, rate, and spoil new & old releases to fill up our Movie Ladders at

00:01:27 NEWS.
00:26:02 Conan.
00:29:46 Kindergarten Cop.
00:33:41 Pumping Iron.
00:36:17 End of Days.
00:41:24 Commando.
00:45:42 Predator.
00:49:32 Total Recall.
00:53:16 Twins.
00:57:37 The Running Man.
01:01:15 The Terminator.
01:06:50 Terminator 2: Judgment Day.
01:11:44 T2:3D Battle Across Time.
01:13:38 Jingle All The Way.
01:14:14 True Lies.
01:15:25 Honourable mentions.
01:18:19 And the worst.
01:19:29 HOMEFLIX.
01:19:46 No Mans Land.
01:27:51 Kung Fury.
01:35:58 Wrap up.

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Recorded: 22 September 2016.

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