While 2016 did its best to derail just about everyone and everything, we hid ourselves away in the cinema creating The Movie Ladder. We recap our hits & misses.

In the news: Guardians of the Galaxy ride, 24 Legacy, Dumbo, Tomb Raider, Thundercats, and Netflix game.

Welcome to episode 24 of The Movie Ladder. Join the bearded idiots as we review, rate, and spoil new & old releases to fill up our Movie Ladders at www.themovieladder.com

00:01:08 NEWS.
00:21:09 BEST/WORST 2016.
00:21:56 The top 10.
00:48:10 Honourable mentions.
00:54:34 The worst 10.
01:19:35 HOMEFLIX.
01:20:06 Child’s Play.
01:24:43 I Believe in Miracles.
01:28:43 Wrap-up.

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Recorded: 12 January 2017.

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