Mr Ryan Reynolds finally gets his own way and turns out it’s very good. Can the Rocky franchise go the distance in its seventh outing?

In the news: Universal’s Monsters universe, Star Wars ep.8, Ghostbusters, even more Transformers, the Bumblebee movie, The BAFTAS, Super Bowl trailers, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and Kindergarten Cop 2.

Welcome to episode 2 of The Movie Ladder. Join the bearded idiots as we review, rate, and spoil new & old releases to fill up our Movie Ladders at

Our main reviews this week are Deadpool and Creed.

00:00:14 NEWS.
00:16:57 Super Bowl trailers.
00:29:22 DEADPOOL.
00:40:37 Rating.
00:42:00 Spoilers.
00:58:43 CREED.
01:07:23 Rating.
01:12:25 Spoilers.
01:24:29 HOMEFLIX.
01:24:56 Escape Plan.
01:31:38 Being Ginger.
01:33:02 Jessica Jones.
01:33:52 The Internship.

Recorded: 18 February 2016.

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