What happens when you sit too close to the screen for Hardcore Henry? Meanwhile, we seem to have developed a man-crush on Jake Gyllenhaal.

In the news: Indy 5, The Mummy reboot, Alden Ehrenreich is Han Solo, Eric Bauersfeld RIP, Warner Bro’s tentpoles, Suicide Squad reshoots, Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them, Ade Edmondson in Star Wars Episode VIII, Cillian Murphy joins Dunkirk, Colin Firth zombie & Kingsman 2 cast, Rogue One trailer, and Dr. Strange.

Welcome to episode 6 of The Movie Ladder. Join the bearded idiots as we review, rate, and spoil new & old releases to fill up our Movie Ladders at www.themovieladder.com

Our main reviews this week are Hardcore Henry and Demolition.

00:02:00 NEWS.
00:14:41 Trailers.
00:33:34 Rating.
00:35:43 Spoilers.
00:47:01 DEMOLITION.
00:54:47 Rating.
00:56:27 Spoilers.
01:05:41 HOMEFLIX.
01:06:10 Daredevil S1.
01:10:06 Alien.
01:15:23 The Babadook.
01:19:17 The Walking Dead S6.

Recorded: 14 April 2016.

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