Who is naming these new Trek films and what does it go Beyond? Storytelling experts Pixar fish for another winner and we meet our spirit animal Gerald the sea lion.

It’s been raining trailers since Comic-Con, so our trailer special chat features: Justice League, Wonder Woman, Kong: Skull Island, The Great Wall, The Accountant, The Lego Batman Movie, Anthropoid, Marvel snippets, and Star Trek: Discovery.

Welcome to episode 14 of The Movie Ladder. Join the bearded idiots as we review, rate, and spoil new & old releases to fill up our Movie Ladders at www.themovieladder.com

Our main reviews this week are Star Trek Beyond and Finding Dory

00:44:10 Rating.
00:45:14 Spoilers.
01:01:58 FINDING DORY.
01:08:52 Rating.
01:12:00 Spoilers.
01:20:36 HOMEFLIX.
01:20:48 Stranger Things S1.
01:26:04 The Way Way Back.

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Recorded: 4 August 2016.

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