Will Smith does some Will Smithing about during Harley Quinn’s first big screen outing. We also go and see this year’s most promising rom-com ‘Girl meets Shark’.

In the news: Kenny Baker RIP, Hook reunion, Ghostbusters sequel, Arrival trailer, Star Trek Discovery, Rogue One trailer, Splash remake, Resident Evil The Final Chapter, Sherlock Comedy, and a Thor update.

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Our main reviews this week are Suicide Squad and The Shallows.

00:00:58 NEWS.
00:33:39 Rating.
00:36:19 Spoilers.
00:58:42 THE SHALLOWS.
01:06:21 Rating.
01:08:44 Spoilers.
01:20:30 HOMEFLIX.
01:20:50 Eddie the Eagle.
01:26:28 Parks and Recreation S6.
01:32:38 Wrap up.

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Recorded: 18 August 2016.

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