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24. Our Best of Worst of 2016

While 2016 did its best to derail just about everyone and everything, we hid ourselves away in the cinema creating The Movie Ladder. We recap our hits & misses.

23. Rogue One and Sully

Is the data centre on Scarif where Stormtroopers go for shore leave? And has Vader been reading up on Tolkien? Clint Eastwood hires Tom Hanks to land another factual story on our ladder.

22. Fantastic Beasts and Christmas Movies Special

It’s cold out, time to stay in and watch a Christmas movie! We discuss our top Christmas favourites and rank them on their very own ladder. We also enjoy Newt and his money-platypus in Fantastic Beasts.

21. Jack Reacher and The Accountant

This week’s episode title sounds like the dullest book in the Reacher series, but we promise that does not reflect our content. Also, Ben Affleck has superpowered autism.

20. Doctor Strange and Arrival

Eggs-Benedict becomes a magical book-swot and attempts a strange new American accent. Can Denis Villeneuve’s Arrival live up to Sicario or even it’s own trailer?

19. Deepwater Horizon and The Girl on the Train

We join Mark Wahlberg for some oily fun, in a film that categorically proves BP are dicks. While Emily Blunt aces acting drunk, all the characters belong under a train.

18. Hunt for the Wilderpeople and War on Everyone

Taika Waititi delivers a big yummy slice of kiwi pie in the form of Hunt for the Wilderpeople, while War on Everyone is the film equivalent of marmite.

17. Arnold Schwarzenegger Special

You love Arnie? No problemo. Stick around as we rate our favourite Schwarzenegger films to form his very own Arnold ladder tall enough to get to the chopper. It’s showtime!

16. War Dogs and Sausage Party

Jonah Hill rivals the Joker for most creepy laugh of the year in War Dogs. While Sausage Party is crass, it’s not big and it’s not clever.

15. Suicide Squad and The Shallows

Will Smith does some Will Smithing about during Harley Quinn’s first big screen outing. We also go and see this year’s most promising rom-com ‘Girl meets Shark’.

14. Star Trek Beyond and Finding Dory

Who is naming these new Trek films and what does it go Beyond? Storytelling experts Pixar fish for another winner and we meet our spirit animal Gerald the sea lion.

13. Ghostbusters 2016 and The Neon Demon

Is the negative internet opinion about Ghostbusters correct or simply unjustified prejudice? And can Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn do a little turn on the catwalk, on the catwalk yeah.

12. Central Intelligence and Spotlight

Central to this week’s episode are a little Hart and a big Johnson. Meanwhile, we continue our search for intelligence with a spotlight.

11. Independence Day: Resurgence and TMNT: Out of the Shadows

Jeff Goldblum is back to save the world, but can he save this film? Plus our experiment backfires when TMNT isn’t pure sewage, but we do question their living hygiene.

10. The Nice Guys and Money Monster

Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling form a bromance to rival even our own. While just about everyone seems to be having a bad day in Money Monster. Balls.

09. X-Men: Apocalypse and Independence Day (1996)

Apocalypse in the 80’s should have fought notorious cat-eater Alf, and who is bankrolling Xavier’s school? We prepare for our imminent alien overlords by re-watching ID4.

08. Captain America: Civil War and Everybody Wants Some!!

Marvel’s Avengers get in a big squabble, we ask why didn’t Vision just stop them all? Richard Linklater puts on his rose tinted glasses for some college clichés.

07. Eye In The Sky and FU 2016

We say a fond farewell to Alan Rickman with Eye In The Sky, as 2016 continues to be a dick we unite the Dead Avengers to beat Death at Twister.

06. Hardcore Henry and Demolition

What happens when you sit too close to the screen for Hardcore Henry? Meanwhile, we seem to have developed a man-crush on Jake Gyllenhaal.

05. Batman v Superman and Midnight Special

Our BvS review turns into a rant, and has anyone heard of Midnight Special? We think they definitely should.

04. Hail Caesar and Batman v Superman predictions

We are transported back into the 1950’s with the Coen brothers latest effort ‘Hail, Caesar!’ and make some daft predictions about Batman v Superman.

03. Bridge of Spies and The Hateful Eight

Spielberg & Hanks team up again, this time for Cold War fun. While Quentin Tarantino directs his eighth film and puts an Eight in the title (even though it’s probably his ninth).

02. Deadpool and Creed

Mr Ryan Reynolds finally gets his own way and turns out it’s very good. Can the Rocky franchise go the distance in its seventh outing?

01. The Revenant and The Big Short

Is The Revenant any good? Will it win the Oscar? Can it end Leo’s nightmare of internet memes? OR could The Big Short surprise everyone?

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